Lost Sydney: Buildings

Most major towns and cities are in a constant state of change. The old is removed to make way for the new; infrastructure is expanded or replaced to keep up with growth and technological advances. Every generation removes a little from its past and replaces it with something relating to the present in the hope that it will be of use in the future. From its beginnings in 1788 as a haggle of tents in the virgin bushland that once surrounded Sydney Cove, to the international city we see today, Sydney has gone through some incredible changes. We look back at some of the things Sydney has lost during two centuries of change.

Garden Palace

Sydney Exhibition Centre

Anthony Horderns Emporium

Hotel Grand Central

Heny Bull Building

Railway Stations



Regent Theatre

Aus. Subscription Library

Her Majesty's Theatre

Mis. Structures


Prince Edward Theatre

Greater Union Pitt Centre

Hotel Metropole

Unilever House

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