Lower North Shore

To those who live there, Sydney's Lower North Shore is the only place in the world they d want to call home, and who could blame them for thinking that way. Once covered in forest so dense that no one wanted to live there, today its leafy suburbs enjoy a peaceful tranquillity that seems strangely out of place in the inner suburbia of a bustling city like Sydney.

The Lower North Shore's beguiling appeal has a lot to do with the pockets of bushland everywhere that have escaped the woodcutter s axe and the developer s bulldozer because of the steep, rocky terrain. These bushland oases occupy hidden valleys with creeks flowing through them, their waters often tumbling over waterfalls or cascades as they make their way through ferny rainforest vegetation on their way to Sydney Harbour.

And then there is the harbour, one of the most beautiful in the world. No matter where you are on Sydney's Lower North Shore, the harbour is never more than a kilometre or two away, its waters lapping the shores of a myriad sheltered coves and bays. Like the bushland, the bays are also full of surprises, containing everything from Aboriginal rock carvings to shipwrecks, none of which one would expect to find within walking distance of the regional offices of multi-national corporations.

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How to get there:
By road: Simply cross the Harbour Bridge from the city and you are there! Bus services leave Wynyard and Town Hall as well as the railway stations and ferry wharves of the Lower North Shore for a variety of destinations. By train: Sydney s Lower North Shore is serviced by the North Shore railway line which crosses the Harbour Bridge after leaving the City Circle. After winding its way through Waverton and Wollstonecraft, it heads north through Artarmon and Chatswood on its way to Hornsby. By ferry: Regular ferry services operate from Circular Quay to Gladesville, Woolwich, Greenwich, MacMahons Point, Milsons Point, North Sydney, Neutral Bay, Cremorne, Taronga Zoo and Mosman.

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